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Pet Insurance done right.

We focus on health insurance rather than sickness insurance

We Are Pet Insurance People Who Are Focused on Good Health


I love my dog, nothing
bad will happen to him.


Every 6 seconds, someone in the USA gets an unexpected $3,000+ vet bill.

Let pet insurance help you avoid financial burden and keep your pet happy and healthy.

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Why Pet Premium?

Transparent policy
options at great prices

Great coverage,
no hidden exclusions

Pain free claims process
As good as any in the industry

Use any vet.
No network limitations.

Real time AI to help
address emergency medical issues

Knowledge support
for wellness & prevention

Insight on Nutrition
to help you make great health choices.


We are more than insurance. We help you keep your pet healthy and save money.

Great health means lower costs in the short and long term which means better insurance

Peace of mind in 3 easy steps


Tell us about you and
your pet


You pick the best plan for your circumstances


Enroll and see how we help in many other ways

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What our customers say

Rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 640 reviews

    Apr 20, 2017

Easy website to navigate. Prices much more affordable for the coverage than other insurances.

Edith C

    May 12, 2019

Fast easy, didn't have any questions that weren't answered during the sign up process

Jennifer T


Our insurance covers what you actually need.

You are covered for accidents, illnesses and emergencies. You can use your own vet, we process claims fast, and there are no hidden exclusions or secret provisions (see link to policy terms)


Don’t wait until you need it - or it will be too late.

No pet insurance company will cover a pre-esiting condition. We work with you to make insurance affordable, so you great real peace of mind and financial protection at prices that make sense for you.


We offer more than insurance to improve your pet’s health.

We are building a fully integrated health platform because we understand that the best thing we can do for you is to help keep your pet healthy and live a long, happy life.

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