About Us

PetPremium, a concept of ReviMedia, is a pet insurance provider that wants to help you find the right pet insurance coverage for your beloved friend, today!

PetPremium’s Goals

  • Help Pets

We care deeply about pets and know that healthy pets equal happy people. Therefore, our mission is to give you the guidance you need to get informed about pet health and pet health insurance.

  • Raise Awareness

Only 3% of dogs and 1% of cats are insured meaning that only this percentage of pets are covered by pet insurance for accidents and/or illnesses*. It is a major concern for us to inform people about the importance of pet insurance. Vet visits can be costly and we want to help you find a pet insurance plan so that your pet can he happy, healthy and protected. To read more about our plans, you can download our brochure.

So why PetPremium?

  • Veterinary Support

We want to strengthen the link between pet owners and their vets and enable you to get answers concerning pet health. We offer pet health articles written by knowledgeable professionals and experts who can give advice on how to get the most out your next visit to the vet.

If you are looking for more information, check out our mission statement, meet our team, or read our latest pet insurance reviews. Please don’t forget to review PetPremiums privacy policy.

*Source: Packaged Facts, Nov. 2005