The Most Common Household Poisons to Dogs

There is a lot of food that look pretty harmless to us that are actually pretty toxic to our canine friends.

In this video Dr. Ted Morris discusses the most common ones: 5 Foods Your Dog Should Never Eat.

Probably everybody knows about Chocolate, but often we don´t realize how toxic and deadly chocolate is. Chocolate can kill our dog! The darker the chocolate is the higher the cacao content the worse it is for your dog. Onions and garlic and anything in that family is also extremely toxic for dogs because they destroy their red blood cells. Macadamia nuts, grapes, the artificial sweetener Xylitol, and other common household poisons for dogs are discussed in this video!

Find here a listing of common foods that are toxic to dogs. Did you like this article about the most common household poisons dogs can get into? Please Like & Share to spread awareness around poisoning in dogs!
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