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Easy To Train Dogs For Everyone

Some dog breeds can be challenging to housebreak and train, especially those that have a stubborn streak. Dogs that are easy to train can make getting through those exuberant puppy stages much easier. There are easy to train dogs available for everyone, whether you desire a small dog, a large dog, a dog with a smooth coat or one with longer hair. Here is a list of ten breeds of dogs that are easy to train.

Easy To Train Dogs For Everyone

Labrador Retriever

It comes of no surprise that the Labrador retriever is one of the most popular family dogs in America. The Labrador retriever requires minimal grooming, it is playful and athletic, and it gets along with just about everyone. It is also one of the dogs that are easy to train and one of the dogs that can be housebroken quickly. Labrador retrievers have short coats that may be black, chocolate or yellow in hue.

German Shepherd

The German shepherd has been utilized as a guardian of flock, a search and rescue dog, a service dog and a law enforcement dog. To be such a versatile worker, the German shepherd needs to rank as one of the easy to train dogs. Socialization and training must be implemented early, but learning comes easily for this breed that has a strong desire to please its master.

Golden Retriever

The gentle and loving golden retriever is another popular family companion. The golden retriever is intelligent, easy to train and delighted to interact with everyone it meets. The golden retriever has longer hair than the Labrador retriever, and the coat is always golden in color. Otherwise, there are few differences in temperament between the Golden retriever and the Labrador retriever.


Poodles are agile and active, and they possess a keen intelligence that makes them easy dogs to train. Poodles are outgoing and get along with children and other household pets. The curly locks on a poodle require extensive grooming efforts to prevent mats and maintain a neat appearance. Poodles are available in three sizes, which include standard, miniature and toy.

Doberman pinschers

It is unfortunate that the Doberman pinscher has been portrayed in film and television as a snarling beast. Although the breed is a protective watchdog, the Doberman pinscher is actually very loving and affectionate with its family members, including the children. The Doberman pinscher is highly intelligent and one of the easy dogs to train. This breed excels in obedience trials.

Australian shepherd

Breeds that belong to the working group, such as the Doberman pinscher, and those that belong to the herding group, such as the German shepherd, are required to train easily in order to carry out their assigned tasks. Another member of the herding group is the Australian shepherd. This breed is intelligent and always in need of something new to learn and accomplish. The Australian shepherd is also a diligent watchdog that is devoted to its family.

Shetland sheepdog

Resembling a downsized collie, the Shetland sheepdog is a happy little dog with an intelligence and agility that enable it to learn and perform new tricks. Shetland sheepdogs excel at dog sports and obedience trials, they are affectionate family members, and they are attentive watchdogs.

Border collies

When you look into the eyes of a border collie, you will see the wheels of intelligence at work. This herding breed takes its tasks seriously, and it always needs a job to do. Border collies learn new things remarkably quickly, and these clever dogs can swiftly learn to outwit their owners if given the opportunity. Keep a border collie busy with mental and physical activities. Border collies are outstanding family companions that are playful and affectionate, and they are also alert watchdogs.


Larger dogs do not own the corner marketplace for intelligence and trainability. The Papillion is one of the smartest dogs. This toy breed is an active little dog that requires plenty of mental and physical exercise to keep it out of trouble, but as long as these needs are met, the dog is relatively easy to train. Keep in mind that most toy breed dogs are harder to housebreak because their bladders are tiny. Taking your Papillon puppy outdoors as frequently as possible to eliminate will accomplish housebreaking more quickly.

Australian Cattle Dog

Also known as the blue heeler or the Queensland heeler, the Australian cattle dog is a rugged and powerful dog with strong herding instincts. Like the border collie, the Australian cattle dog has an astounding intelligence that must be nurtured with plenty of mental stimulation. Quick to learn any task assigned to them, Australian cattle dogs are eager to please. Australian cattle dogs require minimal grooming, they are keen watchdogs and they get along with children. Check out our top 10 smartest dog breed!

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