Is The Black Pomeranian A Mixed Breed

If you have fallen in love with the little fluffy toy breed that resembles a fox, know that you have a variety of colors and patterns to choose from if you decide to welcome a Pomeranian into your life.

Is The Black Pomeranian A Mixed Breed

The Foxy Look

The Pomeranian belongs to a group of dogs that are collectively known as the spitz type of dogs, characterized by small, pointy ears that prick straight up and luxuriously plumed tails that curl upward and rest on the hindquarters. These dogs also exhibit pointy muzzles, and they are covered in dense double coats. When it comes to the Pomeranian, the most common color choices of red and orange come into play in mimicking the appearance of a fox. However, prospective Pomeranian parents are not restricted to a palette that is limited to red or orange. Black Pomeranian puppies have become increasingly popular.

So Many Colors

There are more than 25 different colors, patterns and color combination choices to consider when it comes to the Pomeranian coat. Solid black is one of the color options. On the solid black Pomeranian, there are no hairs of any other color. The undercoat may appear as a lighter shade of black, but the outer coat is as black as a nugget of coal. The rims of the eyes, the pads of the paws, the lips and the nose of the black Pomeranian are all black as well, and the eyes are dark in color. For those who wish to add a second hue to the mix, black may be combined with other colors, such as in the case of the bicolor black and tan coat.

Is The Black Pomeranian A Mixed Breed

Patterns In Black

Sable, brindle and blue merle patterns also feature black hairs in the coat. In the case of the sable pattern, black and a second color are exhibited on the individual hairs of the coat. This pattern is often seen on the German shepherd breed. A brindle coat is characterized by black streaks or stripes over a lighter color, such as red or orange. Greyhounds and American Staffordshire terriers often display brindle coats. Merle coats are identified as coats in which mottled patches and spots are exhibited on the coat. One breed example on which the merle pattern is commonly seen is the Australian shepherd. In the case of blue merle, the blue refers to a dilution of black hairs.

It’s Parti Time

If you love the contrast of black and white, you can indulge your color preference by opting for a parti-color Pomeranian. Parti is the term used to describe a dog’s coat that exhibits two or three colors, one of which is white. Two variations of parti-colors that include black in the mix are the bicolor black and white Pomeranian coat and the tricolor tan, black and white Pomeranian coat.

Is The Black Pomeranian A Mixed Breed

Same Breed, Different Look

The color of a Pomeranian’s coat indicates just that. It is a purebred dog of a particular hue. Black Pomeranian puppies are no less of a purebred than red Pomeranian puppies. A similar example is presented in the Labrador retriever. Whether a Labrador retriever sports a black, yellow or chocolate brown coat, the canine companion is still a purebred Labrador retriever. The majority of purebred dogs are available in a variety of color choices that meet show ring standards.

The American Kennel Club website is a valuable resource from which to discover the colors and patterns that there are to choose from for any particular breed. Learn all about the mixed Pomeranian here!