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Short Haired Dog Breeds

For an easy wash and go dog that requires minimal grooming of its coat, there are numerous choices when it comes to selecting from the lengthy list of short haired dogs for your family. These short haired dog breeds do not need to be brushed and detangled, but you will need to run a grooming mitt over the coat to remove the loose hairs that will otherwise shed all over your home and your clothing. Performing this task once or twice a week takes only a few minutes, and it will also help to redistribute the natural oils in your dog’s skin and coat to maintain that glossy sheen. Here are 10 short haired dog breeds that you should consider for your next canine companion.

Large Shorthaired Breeds

Labrador Retriever

This active and outgoing dog is a popular choice for families. These dogs with short hair come with coats of black, yellow or chocolate hues. Labrador retrievers are energetic and playful, and they enjoy water activities. Labrador retrievers are eager to make friends with everyone they meet.


The strong, playful and intelligent boxer’s short coat is typically any shade of fawn, tan or red, and a brindle pattern is also popular. White markings may be exhibited on the chest and paws. Boxers get along with children and other household pets, and they are devoted to their families.


The noble-looking Rottweiler has a short coat that is consistently black with rust markings on the limbs, on the muzzle, on each cheek and above each eye. The Rottweiler has been mislabeled as a vicious dog. With proper training and socialization from an experienced handler, the Rottweiler is, in fact, a loyal companion and fearless protector.

German Shorthaired Pointer

This sporting breed’s shorthaired coat is characteristically solid liver or liver and white in color. Like most sporting breeds, the German shorthaired pointer is energetic and requires extensive exercise. This breed is an excellent companion choice for active owners who enjoy such outdoor activities as hiking, hunting and camping.


A perfect example in the category of large and lovable short haired dogs is the Weimaraner. This breed is easily identified by its smooth gray coat.Weimaraners thrive on the company of their families. Like the German shorthaired pointer, this sporting breed also thrives on plenty of daily physical activity. This is another good choice for families that take to outdoor physical recreation on a regular basis, and Weimaraners get along well with children.

Small Shorthaired Breeds

French Bulldog

The muscular littleFrench bulldog is characterized by its large, bat-like ears. French bulldogs have short coats that come in an array of color choices, including black, fawn, brindle and white. Historically, the French bulldog is a companion breed, and it revels in playing, entertaining and cuddling with its owner.

Boston Terrier

The livelyBoston terrier’s short tuxedo-like coat is usually black and white in color, but it is also available in brindle and white or seal and white. Boston terriers are bold and intelligent, and they are always ready to play.


The spirited Chihuahua is the smallest of all dog breeds. This toy breed’s coat comes in two lengths. The smooth-coated variety will fit the bill for minimal grooming needs. The coat maybe any solid color or bicolor combination. The Chihuahua’s wee size makes it amenable to toting around the town in a handbag.


When it comes to small and lovable dogs with short hair, the charismatic pug is a top choice. The pug’s short coat may be solid black in color or fawn with a black mask and black markings. With their round eyes and deep forehead wrinkles, pugs exhibit endearing looks of attentiveness. Pugs are playful and friendly, making them wonderful companions for families with children.

Miniature Pinscher

The vivaciousminiature pinscheris its own breed. It is not a downsized version of the Doberman pinscher. The breed does display a strong resemblance to the Doberman, however, right down to its smooth coat of black with rust markings, red, chocolate with tan markings or red stag. Miniature pinschers are lively and athletic little dogs that make good candidates for agility coursing.

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