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The Affengriffon is not currently a recognized breed, but a hybrid of the Affenpinscher and the Brussels Griffon. They are a relatively new hybrid, bred as house-pets and companions.

Breed Characteristics

Preferred Climate:Warm
Life Span:12-15 Years
Nicknames:The Affengriffon has no common nicknames.

Affengriffon Build Information

The Affengriffon is a small dog, averaging 8-10 pounds fully grown. They have a round head with large, round eyes. Their limbs are short, but straight, and their body is somewhat boxy. The Affengriffon’s coat is wiry and grows in whorls. They come in black, brown, red, silver, tan, and white.

Length (Male):8-12 in.
Length (Female):8-10 in.
Weight:< 14 lbs
Litter Size:1 - 3 Puppies
Tail Dock or Crop:Docked

Behaviour and Personality

Friendly and spirited, the Affengriffon can have the best of both of their parent breeds. They are an intelligent breed, and love showing off for their families. In spite of their small size, they are not shy, and they have a lot of confidence. Like many small dogs, they get excited easily, and due to their terrier heritage, they need a lot of entertainment. If not handled properly, they can become moody and territorial. A bored Affengriffon can develop problem behaviors such as barking, guarding food or toys, or even biting. Affengriffons can do well with other pets, though they should be wathed closely when interacting with strange dogs. Their stubborn nature can lead them to pick fights with dogs far larger than them. Affengriffons do well with older children, but they are slightly too excitable to be suitable companions for young children.

Activity Level:Moderately Active
Affection Level:Affectionate
Aggressiveness Level:Easy
Dominating or Submissive?:None
Energy Level:Moderately Active
Good to Other Pets:Friendly
Guardian Skills:No
Kid Friendliness:Friendly


The Affengriffon’s coat is wiry and often curly and sheds very little. It requires weekly brushing, as well as plucking. This can be done by a grooming professional or you can learn to do it yourself. Affengriffons are prone to hair growth in the corners of their eyes, which can cause irritation and should be dealt with immediately. Affengriffons need to be walked daily, but not strenuously. They will be happy with a turn around the block a few times a day, as long as you give them plenty of play-time while they are indoors. They are intelligent animals and need something to occupy their time, so games and lots of interaction with their human is important.

Colors:Black, Light Brown, Red, Silver, Tan, White
Grooming:Low Maintenance
Coat Type:Wiry

Affengriffon Common Health Conditions

Since the Affengriffon is a hybrid, they are prone to many of the same health issues as their parent breeds including: slipped stifle, fractures, and eye and respiratory problems. Affengriffons are often very sensitive to heat, and may not do well in hot climates. However, like all mixed breeds, the Affengriffon is coming from a much wider genetic backgound than a purebred dog, so they are less likely to display health issues.

Affengriffon Pet Insurance

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Breed Talents and Facts

A cheerful, lively companion animal, the Affengriffon is well-suite for apartment life. With a strong pack leader and plenty of toys and playtime, they make a delightful addition to a small home. Affengriffons do not make suitable guard dogs. Both parent breeds of the Affengriffon are known for being independent and intelligent, so training an Affengriffon may prove challenging. They may not be appropriate for a first-time dog owner.

Hunting Companion:No
Jolly for Jogging:No
Sighting Capabilities:No
Ideal for Tracking:No
Retrieving Skills:No
Herding Skills:No
Dutiful Watchdog:No
Security Guard Capable:No
Police Performer:No
Wet Water rescues:Yes
Assist Disable Owners:No
Dog Sledding:No
Able to Perform Dog Carting:No
Fun with Lure Coursing:No
Possible Schutzhund Work:No
Trainable for Tricks:Yes