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The Affenpoo is a type of dog known as a hybrid or as a designer dog. A hybrid is formed by breeding two types of dogs that have favorable characteristics in hopes of combining those characteristics. The Affenpoo is the result of breeding an Affenpinscher with either a Purebred Poodle or a Purebred Toy Poodle. The Affenpinscher - originally a rodent-catcher - and the Poodle - originally a water spaniel - both have their origins in 17th century Europe. The Affenpoo, however, has only gained popularity within the last 20 years. It is still difficult to find a reputable breeder of Affenpoos, and the little hybrids often cost several hundred dollars.

Breed Characteristics

Preferred Climate:Any Climate
Life Span:11-16 Years
Nicknames:Affen-poo or Affen poo

Affenpoo Build Information

Affenpoos stand nine to 20 inches tall and weigh anywhere from seven to 25 pounds depending on whether the Affenpinscher was bred to a Purebred Poodle or a Purebred Toy Poodle. They have flappy ears and curly fur.

Length (Male):13-20 in.
Length (Female):14-16 in.
Weight:15 - 25 lbs
Tail Dock or Crop:No

Behaviour and Personality

The personality of an Affenpoo varies depending on whether it has inherited an Affenpinscher personality - warm and outgoing - or a Poodle personality - somewhat short-tempered and possessive. In general, Affenpoos tend to be friendly, affectionate, and a little more easygoing than other small dogs. They may become grumpy and snap, however, if they are teased or pestered, especially by small children. Affenpoos are also playful and curious dogs who like to be entertained and challenged with a carefully planned training program. Left to their own devices, they may become bored and destroy items around the house. An Affenpoo makes a good family dog, but small children should be watched closely to make sure they do not trigger any irritable impulses. Older children will probably enjoy bonding with the Affenpoo and teaching it tricks.

Activity Level:Moderately Active
Affection Level:Affectionate
Energy Level:Moderately Active
Kid Friendliness:Friendly


Affenpoos need to be taken on daily walks for exercise. They don't shed much, but they possess a shaggy, thick, curly coat that easily becomes matted. They require regular combing and brushing, and the mats sometimes need to be trimmed. Bathing is on an as-needed basis. It is important to keep the teeth and ears of the Affenpoo clean to avoid infection.

Colors:Black, Nearly Black
Grooming:Low Maintenance
Coat Type:Curly

Affenpoo Common Health Conditions

Because Affenpoos are still a relatively new hybrid, little is known about their specific health issues. Owners have observed that they typically live between 10 and 16 years. The owner's best bet for obtaining a healthy animal is to work with a breeder who can provide a health clearance certificate from each parent.

Affenpoo Pet Insurance

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Breed Talents and Facts

The name Affenpoo is sometimes spelled Affen-poo or Affen poo. Because of their dense coats, Affenpoos do not do well in warmer climates. Affenpoos are noted for being intelligent and easy to train. They enjoy learning tricks. Although they are not large animals, Affenpoos make excellent watchdogs. Affenpoos are recognized by the Designer Breed Registry and by the International Design Canine Registry.

Training:Very easy to train
Trainable for Tricks:Yes