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Miniature Golden Retriever

Miniature Golden Retriever

Breed Characteristics


Miniature Golden Retriever Build Information

Miniature Golden Retrievers share the same temperament, trainability and looks as their larger counterpart. Whilst normally, this breed reaches it's growth peak at about 65-75 lbs, the Miniature Golden Retrievers are bred to be 20-45 lbs. They are 14-18 inches at the shoulder and are excellent family dogs. Their patience and loyalty are favorite attributes of Mini Retriever owners.

Length (Male):13-20 in.
Length (Female):14-16 in.
Weight:26 - 40 lbs

Behaviour and Personality

Mini Golden Retrievers are long haired, just like the full grown breed, and may require some light grooming. The breed has a keen sense of smell, a high aptitude for training and requires some space to play and exercise.

Kid Friendliness:Very Friendly


Colors:Gold, Tan, Yellow
Coat Type:Silky

Miniature Golden Retriever Pet Insurance

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