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Rajapalayam Build Information

The Rajapalyam hound is also commonly called the Poligan hound. This is a typically large breed and measures 25-30 inches at the withers. The color of the coat may be black, brown, spotted or solid but the most popular has golden eyes and a pink nose in combination with a milk white coat. With short, fine fur and a somewhat curly tail, this handsome mixed breed makes an exceptional and poised hunter of wild boar. Deafness occurs in the white dogs and those born with whitish or blue eyes. It has the same basic body structure and chest depth of a sight hound.

Length (Male):27-33 in.
Length (Female):22-24 in.
Weight:> 65 lbs

Behaviour and Personality

The Rajapalyam has a devoted and affectionate disposition.

Activity Level:Moderately Active
Affection Level:Affectionate
Kid Friendliness:Friendly


Colors:Black, Salt & Pepper, White
Coat Type:Fine

Rajapalayam Pet Insurance

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