Pet Service Details

Behavior Service Details

Our pet behavior consultant has dealt with a number of issues, from simple to complex, and is here to help you. Examples of behaviors which are dealt with on a regular basis include the following; is your dog experiencing one of these?

  • Does your dog show aggression toward other dogs, cats or people?
  • Does your dog use the bathroom in the house?
  • Are you experiencing trouble adjusting your puppy to your home?
  • Is your dog continuously barking?
  • Does your dog become stressed when you leave the home? Or perhaps even if you only leave the room?
  • Is your dog nipping at your hands when you are speaking with someone?
  • Is your dog chewing up your favorite household items?
  • Does your dog become car sick?
  • Is your cat spraying around the home?
  • Is your cat crying throughout all hours of the day or night?
  • Are you bringing a new pet home to your current dog or cat?
  • Is your cat scratching your walls?

If your pet is experiencing any of these problems; or any other behavioral problem, contact our pet behavior consultant today!

Basic Canine / Feline Behavior Consult:
With the basic Canine/Feline Behavior Consult, the Behavior Specialist will discuss the problem you are experiencing with your furry companion. You will have up to 2 hours to discuss the problem with our Behavior Specialist. You will also have one month of follow-up to review the pet’s progress and implement any necessary changes.
  • 2 hour availability for phone/e-mail/Skype for behavioral problem
  • One month of follow-up to review pet progress and adjust the plan
Canine / Feline Behavior Consultation Package:
With the Canine/Feline Behavior Consultation Package, you will have access to the Behavior Specialist up to 3 hours via phone, e-mail and/or Skype. You will also have a 3-month period of follow-up to review the progress your pet was experiencing and implement any changes.
  • 3 hour availability for phone/e-mail/Skype for behavioral problem
  • 3 months of phone/e-mail/Skype follow-up to review pet’s progress and adjust the plan

**Each of the above comes with written implementation plan.

Your dog or cat may need an additional hour in any of the following situations:

  • Feline has a scratching problem due to lack of mental stimulation
  • Canine has a history of destructive behavior
  • Canine with a history of separation anxiety
  • Feline with a history of separation anxiety
  • Overly vocal canine or feline
  • Canine with a history of aggression
  • Canine or feline rescued from an abusive home
Behavioral Progress Evaluation:
The Behavioral Progress Evaluation provides clients with the opportunity to purchase an additional 1-hour to be used any time up to 12 months following the initial consultation. In the evaluation, the Behavior Specialist will determine if any changes need to be implemented. The behavior must be the same behavior in the initial consult.
  • For customers who purchased the basic consult or consultation package, an additional 1-hour progress evaluation which can be used up to 1 year from initial consult for same behavioral problem discussed.

Nutrition & Diet Service Details

Our Pet Nutrition Consultant is here to help you with any of your pet’s nutritional problems or even simply to develop a proper diet even if your dog or cat is not experiencing any problems at all! Some common nutrition problems you may run into with your dog or cat include:

  • Is your cat extremely overweight and are you looking to put him on a diet?
  • Is your dog extremely overweight and you are interested in learning more about a diet for your dog?
  • Is your dog or cat extremely underweight and you are in need of a diet to put some weight on?
  • Do you need assistance knowing how to properly feed your cat or dog through the various stages of their life?
  • Do you want to switch your pet from a commercial diet to home-cooked meals?
  • Are you interested in cooking some homemade dog or cat treats?
  • Do you want to know the difference between dog and cat food?
  • Are you interested in switching your pet to a grain-free diet?

Our pet nutrition consultant will help you with all of these questions and much more! If you are experiencing any nutrition-related problems with your pet or simply want to optimize your pet’s health, contact our pet nutrition consultant today!

Nutritional Consultation / Information Consult:
The Nutritional Consultation gives the you the ability to interact with our Pet Nutrition Specialist for 30 minutes or more in an effort to determine the nutritional needs of his/her pet and ask any questions.
  • Used to answer questions regarding basic nutritional requirements
  • Minimum 30 minute purchase

The Nutritional Consultation/Information Consult involves getting to know the cat or dog and understanding his/her current diet. Prior to the consult, the pet nutritionist will discuss any problems he or she is experiencing and determine the nutritional requirements of the pet based on his/her breed. This package offers a BASIC overview and is not extremely detailed. This package does not include a review of your current food plan; for a package involving analysis of the current diet, please see the Advanced Nutrition Plan.

If the specialist determines the problem you are experiencing may be medical, she will highly recommend visiting the veterinarian to rule out any potential medical conditions prior to determining the proper diet for your pet.

Advanced Nutrition Plan:
This Plan provides the pet parent with 1 hour of phone, e-mail or Skype interaction with the Pet Nutrition Specialist. The Advanced Nutrition Plan also provides the pet parent with an analysis of the current feeding plan in regard to your pet’s specific needs as well as a nutrition plan which is better suited to your pet. The pet parent has the choice between a home-made diet and a commercial diet (if the pet’s needs are able to be met with either). Recipes can also be provided for home-made treats with this package.
  • 1 hour of phone/e-mail/Skype consultation
  • Analyzes current feeding plan and your pet’s particular needs; develops a new diet better suited for your pet
  • If homemade food is desired, recipes available

This diet is developed assuming your pet has no underlying medical conditions and is formulated as such. The purpose of this package is to ensure all of your pet’s needs are being fulfilled to provide your pet with the best life possible via a well-balanced diet. The diet will be developed based upon pet needs as well as the preferences of the client.

Other Service Details

Puppy Manners:
Are you interested in teaching your puppy manners and basic commands? This program was designed for puppies age 10 weeks to 20 weeks. The puppy manners program will assist you, the pet parent, in teaching your puppy manners and basic commands. The program is 6 weeks in length and a written lesson is provided to the pet parent each week. Throughout the 6 weeks, the Pet Behavior Specialist is available for any questions you may have via phone, e-mail and/or Skype.
  • Help teach your puppy manners and basic commands
  • Useful for puppies age 10 weeks to 20 weeks
  • Topics: Crate training, house training, basic commands, puppy socialization
  • 6 weeks in length–> new written lesson sent to pet parent e-mail once per week
  • Available for phone/e-mail/Skype throughout the duration of the program

This program is designed to assist the puppy parent in laying the foundation necessary for future training. A good solid foundation is the key to a well-behaved adult dog. In this program, one lesson per week will be sent to the puppy parent to assist them in teaching and/or correcting any behaviors common to puppyhood. Topics covered include housetraining, crate training, socialization, chewing and biting.

Any questions that are not answered throughout the course can be answered during and/or following the program.

Grief Counseling:
Are you facing the loss or soon to be facing the loss of a loved pet in your family? Are you having a difficult time with the loss? Our pet behavior consultant is here to help you! Our pet behavior consultant will provide you with a professional to speak with regarding this delicate issue.
  • 2 hours of talk time on skype/e-mail/phone; talk time can be used anytime within a 2-month time span

This package is designed to help the pet parent handle loss. In many cases when a pet is euthanized, the pet parent speaks with the veterinarian and/or veterinary technician briefly. As we all know, a pet is often considered a family member and this brief discussion at the veterinary clinic may not be sufficient in consoling the pet parent.

Our pet specialist has a significant amount of experience handling this issue and is here to help you through this difficult time.

So what’s next?

  • Fill out pet form. Visit our Resources Library
  • Determine preferred method of contact
  • Sign any applicable contracts
  • Obtain certificate of completion of consult (if applicable!)

Are you ready to reach our pet behavior consultant? Please download and fill this Canine Behavior Form or the Feline Behavior Form. In case you want to go with the nutrition advice, you’ll have to download and fill this Nutrition Form.

For more tips, visit our pet behavior services visit our Pet Behavior Guide or the Nutrition and Diet Center. Would you like to know the success stories? Read a few testimonials from proud pet parents. You can also reaching us for more information.

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