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Most Expensive Pets

As you may know there are some breeds that require extra care which makes them high maintenance. Find below our list with more information about the top ten most expensive pets. According to the American Pet Products Association *, there are 78 million dogs and 86.4 million cats in America. Which means that four out of ten pet owning households in the U.S. are multiple pet owners.

Most Expensive Pets

Americans spend about $50.84 billion a year on pet expenses of which half are used for medical expenses. Although pet insurance could cover up to 90% of most vet bills, only 3% of 78 million dogs and 1% of 86.4 million cats in America are insured. There are 11 insurance carriers in the U.S. — including the Hartville Group.

Most Expensive Dog Breeds

Most Expensive Cat Breeds

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