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Petpremium Offers Enhanced Pet Insurance Coverage

Boutique pet insurance provider offers enhanced coverage options to provide pet owners with expanded preventative care for pets.

New York, NY (May 14th, 2014) – PetPremium Inc., a recently launched boutique pet insurance provider, today announced the enhancement of its pet health coverage options, improving the level of preventative care offered under the plans. Thanks to the expanded coverage, PetPremium offers pet insurance plans that are now among the most competitive in the US pet insurance market.

Petpremium Offers Enhanced Pet Insurance Coverage

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), almost 20% of dogs and 45% of cats did not visit a veterinarian in 2011, the primary reason being that those cats and dogs did not get ill or injured. Nevertheless, expenditures on vet care amounted to $14.37 billion in 2013 (American Pet Products, 2014. Considering that preventative care is crucial in detecting and avoiding pet health issues, PetPremium is now offering coverage that facilitates access to preventative pet care and helps improve pet health for its policyholders.

Coverage enhancements include flexible preventive options which can be added to any of PetPremium’s plans. This means, pet owners can now choose which preventive options are most appropriate for their pets. Further, the coverage of dental diseases has been added to our base plans with illness coverage – a beneficial addition considering that about 80% of dogs and 70% of cats experience some form of oral disease before they reach the age of three (UC Davis/Dental Care for Pets). And, PetPremium has also improved its multiple pet discount, now available for all coverage plans.

With these enhancements, pet owners are now able to add essential health checkups and procedures, such as annual dental cleanings, annual exams, core vaccines, and spay and neutering to their plans, which can improve the overall health of their pets and prevent illnesses.

“PetPremium’s mission is to enable pet owners to manage their expenses in regard to their pet’s health and well-being, and to help keep their pets happy, healthy and protected,” said Frans Van Hulle, President of PetPremium. “With our enhanced coverage options we’ll be able to make it easier for pet parents to offer their pets the best possible care, no matter the budget.”

The new and enhanced options are available in 40 States, and will be extended to more states in the coming months. For more information, visit or download our brochure.

About PetPremium, Inc.

PetPremium, a boutique pet insurance provider, offers pet insurance to pet owners across the United States. Its mission is to keep pets happy, healthy and protected, and to educate pet owners on all pet health matters. PetPremium prides itself on providing online focused, easy to use insurance plans for dog and cat owners whose pets are simply part of the family. The products are underwritten by the United States Fire Insurance Company, an A-rated company (AM Best, 2013), and we are supported by one of the most trusted and experienced companies in the pet insurance space. PetPremium is located in New York, NY.