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Petpremium Publishes E Book For Future Dog Owners

“A Guide to Help You Find the Right Dog for You” helps you find the right dog for you, your family, and your lifestyle.

New York, NY (August 31, 2015) – According to the ASPCA, the leading reason dogs end up in animal shelters is due to unpreparedness and lack of knowledge from adopting families. PetPremium hopes to help people in their search for the right dog with our newly published e-book “A Guide to Help You Find the Right Dog for You”. There are hundreds of dog breeds, so finding the right match can be a long and tricky process.

Petpremium Publishes E Book For Future Dog Owners

PetPremium believes that if future dog owners have the right knowledge, the number of dogs ending up in shelters each year can be dramatically reduced. We hope that our e-book can serve as a helpful guideline to people searching for the perfect furry friend.

Although 47% of US homes own at least one dog, several million more dogs live without homes, either as strays or in shelters (APPA). 3.9 million dogs end up in shelters annually, and approximately 39% of dogs in shelters never find homes (ASPCA). The ASPCA cites easily avoidable causes as the leading reasons pet owners give up their pets. 29% of people who hand over their pet to a shelter do so because their residence does not allow their dog or breed and another 10% cite their reason as not having enough time (ASPCA). PetPremium believes we can help solve this problem by educating future dog owners.

PetPremium has been working on an extensive online dog breed database that includes over 500 dog breeds and breed comparison tools. We hope that these tools, along with our e-book, can help dog owners find, and keep, the right pet.

PetPremium CEO and co-founder Frans van Hulle says, “we really want to make a difference by educating and offer extensive content to dog owners. We have been investing a lot of time and effort in building out our breed center and publishing this eBook was a logical next step for us. We hope to expand our dog breed database to over 1,000 dog breeds before the end of 2015.” The e-book provides quick and easy tips on how to pick the best dog breed, as well as more extensive information on breeds that may match with your lifestyle. Furthermore, it contains the best small, medium, and large sized breeds, as well as the best breeds for apartments and the most child friendly dogs. Download the e-book here !

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