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Cool Dog Names 2015

Choosing a name is one of the fun musings that accompanies a new puppy ‘s arrival into your household. If you take the easy way out by selecting Lucy, Max, Buddy, Bella, Maggie or one of the other popular standby choices, half of the dog park’s furry guests will come bounding over in response to your calls. Your dog is a unique individual. Why not bestow on your companion a name that is equally distinctive?

Cool Dog Names 2015

Small Dog Names – Try These On For Size

When you ponder a name that defines the size of your puppy, be sure consider the adult dimensions. Naming your little toy poodle Cashew is cute for a dog that will remain tiny for life. Such other small dog names as Nugget, Pixie or Tinkerbelle will not seem appropriate for a dog that will tip the scales at 100 pounds when full grown. While Rocky may be the first name that comes to mind for your Rottweiler, there are others names that would be equally fitting for the dog’s commanding stature, such as Atlas and Jupiter, both of which sound more distinguished.

Canines of Color

The color of a dog’s coat can also play an influencing role in the name selection game. Consider the name of Licorice for a black dog, Cadbury for a chocolate Labrador retriever, Soleil for a yellow dog or Lily for a white dog. Whether your dog has blue fur or blue eyes, Rhapsody and Indigo are both fitting choices.

Share Your Passions

You may wish to select a name that coordinates with one of your passions or your occupation. If you have a sweet tooth, you might name your dog Cannoli, Skittles or Snickers. Wine enthusiasts will marvel at the notion of calling their dog Merlot or Shiraz. Musicians may ponder such cool names as Calypso, Gershwin or Sonata. Fitness gurus with dogs whose energy levels surpass their own should consider opting for the name Zumba.

Save the Date

Alternately, naming your dog in celebration of the day or season of its arrival into your family will preserve the heartwarming memory. If you acquired your Siberian husky during the winter season, Blizzard would make a perfect name. If your Cavalier King Charles spaniel first captured your heart during the month of February, consider Valentine or Cupid. Is there a better name than Guinness for a dog that you adopt on the weekend of St. Patrick’s Day ?

Boy names and Girl names

While some names can be unisex, you may simply want a name that suits your dog’s gender. Some cool names for today’s male dogs include Aspen, Bentley, Capone, Da Vinci, Gunner, Kona and Maestro. Female dog names that are sure to reap admiration include Aurora, Clover, Luna, Oceana, Olive, Willow and Vixen.

Naming a new puppy can be a fun family activity. See how creative your family members are as you come up with ideas to give your dog a name that is unique and distinguished.