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Diy Dog Toys

If your dog has a tendency to destroy every new squeak or plush toy within minutes to hours, constantly replacing Fido’s fun can put a strain on your budget. Consider making some diy dog toys for your canine companion from basic items that can stand up to intense play. Please keep in mind that the following examples are safe for most dogs to roughhouse with, but they should be introduced with extra caution to those that are particularly aggressive toward their toys. Find here the most common hidden dangers in dog toys.

Your dog’s playtime should always be supervised when using any toy, whether it is homemade or store bought. Check out the best toys for dogs.

Diy Dog Toys

Sock Toys

How many permanently unpaired socks have accumulated in the bin next to your clothes dryer? Put them to good use by recycling them into diy dog toys for your furry friend. Take three socks of the same size, and place one inside the other to triple the thickness. Fill the innermost sock with additional socks that have been wadded, and insert a squeaker into the center of the space being filled. You can purchase packages of squeakers from online retailers, such as Leave one-quarter of the sock length unfilled, and tie the three socks of this section together in a tight knot to close the open ends. Tie this knot in the same way that you would tie off an inflated balloon.

Tough Tug Toys

Braid together lengths of fire hose material, denim or rope to create tug toys that can stand up to those powerful jaws. After you finish braiding, tightly tie a knot at each end. As an alternative for an extra large dog, make three braids, braid these together and then tie a knot at each end for a more durable diy dog toy.

Denim Toys

If your growing children’s jeans are ready to be recycled, turn them into a fun toy for your dog. Begin by cutting one of the legs off of the jeans. Place a tennis ball inside the leg at the center of the length. Securely knot the leg on each side of the tennis ball to trap the ball inside. Try to keep the ball tightly enclosed without any slack of denim around it. With a pair of scissors, cut each open end of the leg lengthwise into two-inch wide strips from the end to the knot.

Burlap Flying Disc

For a soft flying disc for tossing and fetching, stack five rounds of burlap material on top of one another. Simultaneously fasten them together and create a firm border by sewing a length of rope around the edge with twine. Leave as little space between each stitch as possible to create a more secure hold.

Puppy Pompoms

This diy dog toy is best for small dogs and puppies. Create pompoms from remnants of corduroy, denim or fleece. Gather 24 matching lengths of the fabric. Each length of material should be one inch wide and approximately eight inches in length. Tightly tie the bundle together at the center of the length with another length of the material.

Could this be the greatest DIY toy for a dog? Watch this video about a dog playing with a DIY treat dispenser. When making diy dog toys or buying toys for your dog, be sure that the toy is appropriately sized for your dog’s breed to minimize choking hazards. Inspect all toys after every play session. At the first signs of wearing or fraying, confiscate the toy and use the opportunity to lavish you playful pooch with a new plaything of your creation.

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