Dog Symptom Checker

As a dog owner, or guardian if you prefer, you want to know that your canine companion is happy and healthy. No one knows your dog better than you do. The more you get to know your dog, the easier it will be for you to gauge your dog’s physical and mental health.

Dog Symptom Checker

How to Check if Your Dog is Happy and Healthy?

Here are the top five signs that your dog may be suffering from an ailment.

Dog Symptom Checker – Depression in Dogs Contrary to what others may tell you, dogs are indeed emotional creatures. If your dog seems less interested in play, doesn’t want to interact with the family, or sleeps more than normal, it may be suffering with a bout of depression. Ask yourself if something in the home has changed recently. Your dog may be missing a companion that has passed on, a human family member that has moved out of the house, or it may be something as simple as a change in your schedule that is making your dog’s attitude change.

Dog Symptom Checker – Lethargy in Dogs Is your dog sleeping more than it used to? Depression is one possibility, but a physical ailment could be the cause. Just like humans, dogs that aren’t feeling well tend to sleep more than usual. Lethargy is an almost sure sign that something is wrong with your pet. If it lasts for more than a single day, make an appointment with your veterinarian.

Dog Symptom Checker – Change in Eating Illnesses like diabetes and thyroid disorders will cause a dog to eat more or less. If your dog is suddenly ravenous or your once insatiable dog is uninterested in food, it’s time to go to the vet. Bear in mind that appetite change that lasts a day or two is not anything to be concerned about. If your dog experiences this change on a semi-permanent basis, it’s time to ask for diagnostic testing.

Dog Symptom Checker – Change in Toileting Habits When your dog eats or drinks, it pees or poops; it’s the natural cycle of things. If you think that your dog is putting out more than it is taking in, something may be wrong. The same holds true if your dog is not putting out as much as it is taking in. You are used to the number of times your dog asks to go outside for a potty break.

Dog Symptom Checker – Behavioral Changes in Dogs Your dog used to get along with everyone and everything it met. Now you are afraid to take your dog out in public or welcome visitors to your home for fear your dog may lash out. When once happy-go-lucky dogs take a turn for the worse, it usually signifies that there is a physical or mental health issue at play.

While you know your dog better than anyone, your veterinarian should be your first source of information. Yearly check-ups for adult dogs are the most important thing that can be done. Your veterinarian will alert you to any problems before they become major issues. If you feel that your dog is exhibiting signs of a possible illness, do not wait until its yearly exam; schedule an appointment immediately. Find here our Cat Symptom Checker.