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Exotic Cats

You’re familiar with some of the most popular cat breeds. Domestic,  American or   short, medium and long haired  are easily recognizable. These are the cat breeds that you see in your friends’ homes and wandering the streets of your neighborhoods. Not as familiar are the exotic cats that reside in homes around the world.

Exotic Cats

Exotic Cat Breeds

Sphynx – Of all exotic cats, the Sphynx  is perhaps the most unusual. While most cat breeds have luxurious coats of fur, the Sphynx  is completely bald. Made popular by Austin Powers, this cat is either strikingly handsome or disturbingly odd depending on who you ask. There is no arguing that, no matter your point of view, the Sphynx is an unforgettable cat breed.

Cornish Rex –  Typical cat breeds have three layers of hair: the undercoat, guard hair and awn hair. This exotic cat breed lacks the outer-two layers, possessing only the undercoat. This gives the cat a remarkably silky feel. Of all exotic cats, this breed is perhaps the most regal in appearance. With high cheek bones, long noses, strong chins, and long legs, the Cornish Rex   is the supermodel of the cat world.

Scottish Fold –  The Scottish Fold  is one of the most adorable cat breeds in the world. With large eyes and down-turned ears, these exotic cats resemble owls in appearance. Not only is this cat amazingly adorable, it is one of the most affectionate and placid of all exotic cats.

Munchkins –  Most people know what a Corgi is, and even more know what a Basset Hound is. Very few people have seen a cat with short legs. Munchkins  are the Basset Hounds and Dachshunds of the cat world. Even though their legs are short, these pint-sized cats can still jump and play like typically-built kitties. Aficionados of these exotic cats warn others to be prepared for a long wait to purchase a member of the breed. There aren’t many Munchkins  and they are incredibly popular.

Savannah Cat –  When people think of cat breeds, the Savannah  rarely comes to mind. This exotic cat breed is a hybrid of a Serval and a domestic cat. The Serval is an African Wild cat that closely resembles a Cheetah. Savannah Cats   are said to be ideal for dog people; with a love of water and the ability to enjoy a leashed walk, these cats are more canine than feline.

Exotic cats are gorgeous animals that deserve a second look. These cat breeds each have their own unique attributes, making them appealing to cat lovers around the world. Whether you’re looking for a cat that doesn’t shed or one that is more dog-like than cat -like, there is an exotic breed out there for you.