Fireworks Safety Tips For Pets

There are some hunting dogs such as Beagles, Foxhounds  ( American  and English Foxhounds ) and Setters  that are not alarmed by the sights and sounds of fireworks. However, most other pets are not used to such loud noises and can become quite stressed during fireworks displays. As such, if you have a cat or dog and are planning on using fireworks this New Year’s Eve, you will want to take heed of the following.

New Year’s Eve Pet Safety Tips

Keep your furry friend safe by following these fireworks safety tips listed below!

Fireworks Safety Tips For Pets

Pet Safety Tip 1: Leave Your Pet at Home

First of all, if you plan on attending a New Year’s Eve party, it is best to leave your pet at home. Dogs and cats can become overly excited, frightened or even agitated when they are in a loud, unfamiliar home filled with all kinds of strange people. Furthermore, if they become frightened enough, they may even run away in search of their own home.

Pet Safety Tip 2: Prepare a “Safe Room” for Your Pet

For all too many dogs and cats, pets and fireworks simply do not mix. As such, before you begin celebrating with any fireworks, prepare a “safe room” for your pet. Preferably, this should be a small, quiet room in your home where your pet feels safe. Bathrooms, laundry rooms and spare bedrooms are good choices for this purpose.

After you have chosen a room where you will keep your dog or cat during your fireworks celebration, be sure to place a water bowl, a few toys and a pet bed or blanket in the room as well. If you have an easily excitable pet, you may want to consider placing a crate in the room and locking your dog or cat in the crate during the commotion.

Pet Safety Tip 3: Consider Sedatives for Excitable Pets

Some pets are naturally so excitable that loud noises such as fireworks can upset them so much that they actually become sick. If you have a dog or cat like this, you may want to consider talking to your veterinarian about giving sedatives to your pet prior to your New Year’s celebration.

Pet Safety Tip 4: Keep Pets Away From Fireworks

Even if your dog or cat is the type of pet that is not alarmed by loud noises, it is never a good idea to allow it near your fireworks. Pets do not understand fireworks and can easily get burned if they decide to investigate them. With that said, even if your pet is calm during fireworks celebrations, you should still place it in a safe room or crate during the festivities.

Just as with small children, pets and fireworks do not mix. It is never a good idea to include your dog or cat in your New Year’s festivities, especially if fireworks are involved. Nevertheless, if you have pets, you can keep them safe during your celebration by following the above pets and fireworks tips. Learn here why dogs can be afraid of fireworks.