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How To Detect Ringworm

Detecting ringworm in pets is pretty simple. Ringworm gets its name for the distinctive rash it leaves in the shape of a circle.

How To Detect Ringworm

What is Ringworm in Pets

It is actually not a parasite, but a fungal infection. There is no need to get squeamish about possible worms under a pet’s skin. The infection is similar to athlete’s foot. Watching a pet for symptoms is key in treating this condition early. Keeping good coat condition is so important to good overall pet health.

Ringworm will often be in the shape of a circle, with flakey skin in the center. The outer ring may be red and irritated looking. Sometimes, a secondary bacterial infection can follow due to scratching or licking. If the ringworm has become even more infected and aggravated, clear, oozing pus will sometimes be observed. Catching a  fungal infection  early is the best way to control it. Keeping clean pet conditions is an important part to preventing ringworm.

Some veterinarians recommend getting a fungal culture to accurately diagnose ringworm. Flakey skin can be a symptom of other diseases or illnesses. Keeping a close eye on pet symptoms is important for keeping pets healthy. Ringworm can also be diagnosed using a black light. It will glow in the presence of the light.

Ringworm Treatment in Pets

Veterinarians can prescribe topical anti-fungal creams and ointments. Medicated shampoos are available for persistent cases of ringworm. Most cases of ringworm will clear up in a matter of months if left alone. Since it is easily transmitted to other pets and people, it is advantageous to treat immediately. It can be an unsightly and uncomfortable skin condition. Good skin condition is an important part of good pet health.

Some dogs are more prone to getting ringworm than others. Young puppies are especially prone to catching a fungal infection. It is important to watch the pet for symptoms. It may be difficult to see it on a long-haired dog. Shaving long-haired dogs that are prone to ringworm in the summer is a good practice. Some dogs will itch until their hair falls out. Good pet health starts with good husbandry. Looking over a dog’s coat regularly is a good way to spot potential skin issues.

Keeping pet conditions clean is a great way to reduce the possibility of having ringworm. Washing pet bedding regularly is also a great idea. Children are really good at catching this infection from dogs and cats. It is important to encourage regular hand washing in children and adults.

Ringworm is really not that scary. Although it usually clears up by itself in a matter of months, most people would rather just treat it. Identifying ringworm is the first step to getting rid of it. Good husbandry and clean pet conditions can help to keep it away.