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How To Find A Good Dog Walker

In today’s times, people are often too busy to do simple things such as walk their dogs. As such, dog walking services have become quite popular. However, much like your children, you do not want to trust your cherished pet with just anyone. With that said, just how do you find a good dog walker then?

How To Find A Good Dog Walker

Dog walking services

There are many ways you can find a good dog walking services including your local classifieds, the Yellow Pages and the internet. One of the best ways to locate one though, is through recommendations from family members, friends, neighbors or coworkers. Chances are, if they are impressed with their walker, you will be too.

Interviewing Your Candidates

Once you have a few candidates to walk your dog, you will need to narrow them down to the best person. You can accomplish this by interviewing them one by one. By speaking with each of them and asking them a few of the following questions, you can determine which one will be right for the job.

  • Rates – Be sure to ask them how much they charge and for how long of a walk. Additionally, ask them if they offer special rates for multiple dogs.
  • Destination – Find out where they take the dogs. Of course, you want your cherished pet to be taken to a safe and secure area.
  • Insurance – Dog walkers should have liability insurance just in case anything happens to their charges, other pets, themselves, other people or someone’s property.
  • Transportation – Ask them how they transport the dogs to their destination. If the dogs are transported in a vehicle, they need to be crated or otherwise safely secured in the car, van or truck. Find out more about proper methods ofpet transport.
  • Test Walk – Finally, ask them if you can join them on a walk. In this way, you can see for yourself how they handle the dogs and if they are able to control them.

Find Out What Your Dog Thinks Lastly, even if you like someone, it does not mean that your pet will. Introduce your dog to the dog walker of your choice and observe how they interact. If your dog does not seem to like that suits person, you should probably continue your search. If you follow these useful tips, you are sure to find a dog walker. Hiring a dog walker is a great way to ensure one’s  dog  is getting enough exercise. It can do wonders for overall  pet health and excercise can prevent pet obesity.