How To Remove A Tick From A Dog

Ticks can cause a variety of health problems in your dog. Not only are they painful to your pet, but just one tick bite can cause many different tick diseases  and they can cause a multitude of skin problems as well. As such, if you find a tick on your dog, you need to remove it immediately. Unfortunately, many people simply do not know the proper way to remove these parasites from their dogs.

How To Remove A Tick From A Dog

Simple Steps to Remove a Tick From a Dog

How to Spot a Tick There are many different types of ticks, and they can be quite difficult to spot at first. However, once they begin feeding on your pet ‘s blood, they become engorged and much easier to see. At this point, they will appear as light brown or green parasites that are attached to your dog. They are often round or oblong in shape, and their size varies depending upon the amount of blood they have consumed.

Methods You Should Never Use Never burn ticks off of your dog as this can be dangerous to your pet. Do not crush them either. This can allow eggs to be released, which will only make the problem worse. Additionally, do not smother your dog in grease or harmful chemicals that are not meant for use on dogs. These methods can be toxic to your pet.

How To Remove A Tick From A Dog

How to Remove a Tick From a Dog Properly

When you remove a tick, it is essential that you remove the whole parasite including its head. Leaving the head can cause the area to become infected. You must also work with sterile equipment to reduce the risk of infections. The following steps will help you remove these parasites from your dog safely.

  • Equipment – The first step is to gather your equipment and sterilize them. The best equipment to use is a pair of tweezers dipped in rubbing alcohol. You will also need some sterile cotton balls or pads.
  • Grab the Tick – You will need to carefully grab the tick making sure you grab it as close to your dog ‘s skin as possible.
  • Pull the Tick Out – First of all, do not pull the tick straight out. This will disconnect if from its head. Move your tweezers from side to side instead. Apply a bit of pressure around the area as well. This will help to release the tick.
  • Kill the Tick – After you remove the parasite, drop it in a bowl of rubbing alcohol. This will kill the tick.
  • Clean the Area Again – Finally, clean the area with alcohol again to prevent any infections. That is it, now you know how to remove a tick from a dog!

Shampoos and Dips If you do not feel comfortable using the above method to remove these annoying parasites, you can choose to shampoo or dip your dog instead. Read here  how to give your dog a bath. There are many great shampoos and dips that are effective in killing all types of ticks. However, you need to make sure to spray your pet’s living quarters as well.

Just one tick bite can cause a vast array of health problems  in your cherished pet. Thus, when you find one of these pests on your dog, you need to remove it immediately. Be sure to check your pet for ticks whenever they spend time outdoors. Keeping your dog tick-free will eliminate any risk of potential tick diseases  in your pet.