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The Best Cat Toys

Cats  are natural hunters and curiosity seekers that thrive on play things to exercise these instincts and expend energy. Enhance your kitty ’s play time by adding a new cat toy to his or her collection next time you shop for pet supplies.

The Best Cat Toys

Cat toys for indoor cats

Play Date Use interactive cat toys to engage in play sessions with your cat to enrich bonding and encourage physical activity:

  • Wand cat toys
  • Laser pointers
  • Cat Dancer

Scratch This Save your couch by offering acceptable surfaces for your cat to scratch. Avoid kitty confusion by selecting a cat scratching post and pads that are not covered with carpeting material. A vertical scratching post should be heavy enough not to tip over while in use and tall enough for your cat to stretch. Horizontal scratching pads offer floor rug scratchers a house-friendly alternative. Go here  to find out how to pet -proof your home.

Big Fun In Little Packages Perhaps to your dismay at midnight, cats adore little things that crinkle, roll and go squeak in the night. There are thousands of simple cat toys on the market to illicit stalking and hunting. From plush mice, fish and other stuffed critters to plastic balls, catnip-filled or not, these timeless cat toys will always delight your kitty.

Puzzles to Ponder Encourage your cat ’s cognitive skills with a puzzle cat toy :

  • Treat balls
  • Mazes with mice or balls

Even today’s cat youth has gone mobile. Recycle your old smartphone or tablet by loading one of the applications of cat games. Mice scurry, fish swim and insects scuttle over the screen to entice your cat to swat them with his or her paw for points.

House of Treasures Some household baubles can keep cats amused for days as they cuff them about and fish them out from under the beds:

  • Wine or champagne corks that bounce and spin erratically
  • Whole walnut shells that rattle as they roll
  • Empty thread spools that roll in curvy lines

The best toys for cats are the ones that your cats  will play with. Each cat is a unique individual with his or her own preferences. Some cats soar on catnip highs while others seem immune to its effects. One of your cats might scale the walls in her determination to catch that red laser dot while your other feline housemate looks on with disdain and apathy. Experiment with different cat toys and swap them out occasionally to keep playtime fresh and exciting.

Besides these cat games it is also important to keep your cat happy with healthy nutrition  to prevent pet obesity.