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Tips For Dog Owners

Check out these smart and easy tips to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Choosing the Right Pet

  • Visit the litter in person Many future owners feel drawn to a particular puppy. Healthy puppies will usually be a little chubby and have a high energy level, a shiny coat, and clear eyes. Find out here how to choose the right puppy ?
  • Consider older dogs Most senior dogs come from a previous home and are usually already spayed or neutered, and have received proper vaccinations and veterinary care throughout their lifetime.
Tips For Dog Owners

Dog Tips Cleaning

  • Wipe couches covered with dog hair with a dampened paper towel to remove hair.
  • Use a squeegee to remove pet hair from your carpet.
  • Baking soda is a simple home remedy to clean dog urine from your carpet.

Home Dog Tips

  • Use a plastic cereal dispenser to keep dog food fresh and accessible.
  • Cover cords, corners, and shoes that your puppy likes to chew on with a bitter tasting spray.
  • Make a schedule to organize dog-related responsibilities. This is an especially good idea for busy owners or families who want to teach responsibility to their children. Create a schedule that rotates feeding, walking, and picking up after your family’s pet.

Health and Safety

  • Dog-Proof your Home Future dog owners have to prepare for a new dog or puppy much like future parents prepare for a baby. Protect your dog from any potentially toxic plants in your yard, block off rooms you do not want your pet entering, and hiding electrical cords and sockets. How to make your home dog-proof ?
  • Research Health Risks Certain breeds are more susceptible to different health risks. Learn what illnesses and injuries your pet is inclined to, and find the right coverage plan to protect your pet.
  • Make emergency arrangements If you are ever stuck somewhere or caught in an emergency, be sure you have a family member or neighbor that is willing to take care of your pet. When writing a will, include your pet. Talk to family members and decide who is willing and able to care for your pet if you are no longer able to.
  • Learn how to Treat your Dog in an Emergency CPR and the Heimlich Maneuver for animals are important skills for all pet owners to know in case of an emergency of choking.

Finding a Lost Dog

  • Consider Microchipping Microchips ID your dog in case he or she ever gets lost. You can enter your dog’s unique ID number to multiple websites and veterinarians and animal shelters can identify owners of IDed pets. You are much more likely to be reunited with your pet if they are microchipped.
  • If you lose your dog, leave a well-worn item of your clothing in the last spot you saw him/her. Dogs have a great sense of smell, and will hopefully be able to pick up your scent. Check back at your piece of clothing frequently.

Keeping your Pet Happy

  • Rotate your Pet’s Toys Dogs can get bored easily with the same couple of toys. Switch out their toys periodically to keep them interested and engaged.
  • Trick or Treat Making your dog work for a treat (i.e. sit or lay down) is more beneficial than just giving your dog a treat periodically because it helps create a sense of purpose.
  • Find out how to keep your disabled pet happy and healthy.

Learn the ins and outs of Responsible Dog Ownership.