Testimonials From Pet Parents

Testimonials From Pet Parents“My lab/German shepherd mix, Moose, has always had chewing problems. After talking with Amber, she let me know this was from separation anxiety. Prior to working with Amber, he had eaten three couches and a memory foam bed. Amber recommended giving him mental stimulating chewing toys to keep his mind busy while we were not home. She recommended a Kong toy which helped and also recommended hide and seek with his snacks. She had me hide snacks through the house to use his senses and stimulate his mind to keep his mind off the separation. This was definitely a life saver for us and with her help he hasn’t chewed anything he’s not supposed to.” – Erin C., Jamestown NY “Amber is amazing! I was dog sitting when I discovered Mama Husky was pregnant. We knew it couldn’t be a big litter because she was barely showing but none the less… I have never been around a dog giving birth and I had NO IDEA what to do. Luckily I went to school with Amber and we remained friends. I messaged her immediately! She talked me through everything from how the mom was acting to how to handle her after the birth. Mom and baby did wonderfully and made it just fine. If she had not have been there, I don’t know what I would’ve done.” – Noelle W., Lexington SC “Our English Bulldog was experiencing severe separation anxiety problems. With the help of Ms. Johnson, we were able to implement several techniques which helped him get through the separation anxiety and make him a better dog. We had been considering giving him to a different home that had more time to handle his issues but we were able to keep him with the suggestions given to us.” – Erin C., Sherman NY “My cat was constantly using the bathroom outside the litterbox. I had another cat that uses the litterbox regularly and I could not figure out why this one cat was not using the litterbox. I was getting very upset and I had thought about getting rid of the cat having the issue. Amber developed a behavior modification plan for her that answered all of my questions and helped get my cat on the right track and housetrained.” – Rita F., Sugar Grove PA “My cat was constantly crying before I contacted Ms. Johnson. It was such a big problem that it would even wake us at night. I am extremely busy and listening to the crying was very frustrating through all hours of the day and night. She was tested by the vet and he did not see a problem. With Amber’s suggestions we were able to fix her crying. Without her help, I probably would have rehomed her.” – Georgia L., Lakewood NY “My cat did not have any behavior problems but I wanted to give her the best life possible. I did not feel like I was giving her enough stimulating experiences but I was not sure how to go about doing this for her. I wanted to make sure her mind was stimulated as much as possible to give her the best life possible. Amber provided me with a multitude of suggestions and my cat is happier than ever!” – Mary M., Jamestown NY “Where to begin? My dog had so many problems. She went to the bathroom indoors, chewed the walls, pillows and anything else she could find. She stole our clothes out of the hamper and hid them all over the house. Attacked our lab and attacked the cats. Tipped the garbage to eat the garbage. Barked anytime she sees anything outside. Jumps on people. Jumped on my kids. With Amber’s help we were able to see some progress. She worked with us every step of the way and was always there when we needed help.” – Paula B., Sherman NY “My cat was chewing all its fur out and I did not know why. I couldn’t think of any reason a cat would be chewing its own fur out! Amber helped my cat by giving me advice on what to do. She gave me a lot of ideas and with time my cat got better.” – Candy J., Jamestown NY