Shaving A Dog Or Cat

With rising temperatures, you may be wondering if your pet will be more comfortable if you have its hair shaved. This is a question that creates heated arguments among many different people. When deciding whether or not you should shave your pet, it is essential for you to know that pets are not like people and their needs vary from one another as well.

Shaving A Dog Or Cat

Different Breeds Have Different Needs

Before we examine the pros and cons of shaving your dog or cat, you must first know that different breeds of pets have different needs. There are pets with short hair, medium-length hair and long hair. Furthermore, there are also pets that have double coats or no hair at all, such as the American Hairless Terrier, the Xoloitzcuintli (also known as the Mexican hairless dog), and the Chinese Crested.

With that said, whether or not you should shave your pet’s hair for summer depends on your pet. There is no need to shave short-haired animals, as doing so could cause more harm than good. When you shave a short-haired dog or cat down to the skin, you leave them vulnerable to such things as sun burn and skin cancer.

Furthermore, short-haired cats are excellent in regulating their own body temperature and thus, a shaved cat typically gets no benefits from having their fur trimmed. However, what about medium-length and long-haired pets? Should you shave them for the summer? Read on to learn the pros and cons of shaving these types of pets in preparation for hot weather.

The Pros of Shaving a Dog or Cat

Shaving cats and dogs can make it much easier for you to see fleas and keep your pet parasite-free during the summer, which is prime season for these pests. Furthermore, the hair of a shaved dog or cat is much easier to keep clean and it drys much quicker than that of a long-haired pet.

Shaving dogs and cats can also reduce tangles and the chance of your pet developing such skin conditions as hot spots or bacterial infections. Finally, some people do seem to think that shaving their pets’ coats helps keep them cooler during the hot days of summer.

The Cons of Shaving a Dog or Cat

As stated above, it is never a good idea to shave your dog or cat down to the skin, as it increases their risk of sun burns and skin cancer. Additionally, many professionals believe that shaving your pet does nothing to help keep it cool. They believe that fur is needed to help air circulate over the pet’s body and insulate it from heat.

Furthermore, the coat of a shaved dog or cat grows back very slowly. In some cases, it may not even grow back at all. This can create a problem during the winter months when your pet needs its hair to keep warm. Lastly, shaving your pets hair, can make the coat grow back in a different color.

Should You Shave Your Dog or Cat for Summer?

As you can see, there is much controversy as to whether or not you should shave your dog or cat for summer. The answer to this question depends on the type of pet you have. However, if you do choose to shave your pet, always make sure that you leave at least one inch of hair to help protect the skin from sun burns and skin cancer.