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Best Diet For Cats

Believe it or not, the majority of cats are overweight ! Most cats should weigh between eight and ten pounds (as a general rule); however, the majority of cats are far over their limit. What should you do? What is the best diet for cats ?

Best Diet For Cats

Best Diet Cat Food Tips

Know how to find the best diet cat food for your feline pet to avoid feline obesity problems and overfeeding. Find here tips to keep your feline fit by choosing the best diet for cats !

Feline Obesity

An obese cat weighs 20 percent above her ideal body weight. A veterinarian or nutrition specialist will often recommend the cat lose several pounds if overweight and place the cat on the best diet for cats possible for your particular furry friend (based on age, weight, activity level). This does not sound like a lot of extra weight to us but for a cat this could cause arthritis, diabetes and heart disease. Obesity also contributes to the risk of cancer in cats.


The main cause for feline obesity is overfeeding. The most common misconception of pet parents is that their cat should be allowed to “free-feed.” This is often not the case. There are some cats who are active enough to be permitted to free-feed and still remain healthy; however, if your cat is obese and you are free-feeding, this is likely going to be the first step to weight loss.

Picking the Best Diet Cat Food

The majority of cat foods are high in calories which makes it very easily for a pet parent to overfeed their cat. The best diet for cats is often a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet. This will assist the cat in losing weight but will still provide enough nutrients for lean body mass. High-calorie treats should be heavily avoided for an overweight cat. You should not give your cat over 10% of her daily calories in treats. Excessive feeding of treats alone could cause your cat to be overweight. Learn more about what to feed your kitten.

Amber Johnson, Animal Behaviorist

Miss Amber Johnson has many years of experience with pets and is a licensed cat and dog nutrition and behavior specialist. She currently collaborates with PetPremium where she counsels clients in pet behavior and nutrition. The statements made in this article are the personal opinions of Miss Amber Johnson and based on independent experiences and could be different from the opinions of PetPremium Pet health Insurance or any other pet health insurance provider.