Do Puppies Get Hiccups

Did you know that sometimes puppies get the hiccups ?! This often worries pet owners; however, if your puppy gets puppy hiccups, there is nothing to worry about. Puppy hiccups are completely normal and your puppy may get them on and off throughout the day. Puppy hiccups most often occur following a meal in puppies and is a common occurance. Does your puppy has the hiccups ? Learn more here!

Do Puppies Get Hiccups

Puppy has Hiccups: What Happens?

Just as we get hiccups, puppies get puppy hiccups. Also, just like our hiccups, they are completely uncontrollable. What are hiccups, though? Hiccups contract the diaphragm which results in your dog breathing in air. When the diaphragm contracts, a piece of your puppy’s voice box called the glottis closes, which stops the intake of air. This results in hiccups. Puppy hiccups most commonly occur when a dog eats or drinks too fast; however, if the puppy becomes excited quickly or is under stress they may also occur. With time though, your puppy will outgrow her puppy hiccups.

Hiccups in Puppies: How to slow your puppy’s eating?

In the meantime, to slow your puppy’s eating, there are items known as ‘slow bowls’ available to your puppy. These essentially make the puppy “work” for his food and slow his eating and drinking habits. These greatly assist in reducing puppy hiccups. Learn here how to train a puppy and how much to feed a puppy.

Watch this cute and funny video of a Heeler puppy having the hiccups !

Amber Johnson, Animal Behaviorist

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