People Food As Natural Dog Treats

When your dog is sitting beside you at mealtime hoping for just one small bite, it can be quite tempting to give in. It can also be tempting to give your pet some of your snacks when you run out of dog treats. However, before you give people food to your dog, you need to know that many food items that are meant for humans can be harmful to canines.

People Food As Natural Dog Treats

In fact, some people food can even be toxic to dogs. Nevertheless, there are also a variety of people foods that you can use as healthy dog treats for your furry friend. In fact, some of these treats even have more nutritional value to them than many prepackaged treats designed for dogs.

People Food You Can Use as Natural Dog Treats

  • Salmon Salmon is a great source of omega3 fatty acids, which help the immune system function and encourages coat and skin health. Salmon is also terrific for dogs that have food allergies. However, be sure to cook each filet thoroughly before offering them to your pet.
  • Green Beans Green beans contain several essential vitamins and minerals including manganese, and vitamins K and C. Dogs love frozen or cooked beans, and they can be given alone or mixed in with meals. If your pet is overweight, you can replace some of its regular food with beans to help maintain a healthy weight.
  • Apples Apples are delightful crunchy treats for your pet, and they are fantastic sources of fiber, and vitamins A and C. However, you must never give apple seeds to your dog as they contain cyanide, which can be quite harmful and even toxic in large quantities.
  • Cheese Most all dogs love cheese and will gobble it right up if you give it to them. While there may be a few pets that are lactose intolerant, the majority of canines tolerate cheese quite well. Nevertheless, for your lactose intolerant pets, cottage cheese is a terrific alternative.
  • Blueberries Blueberries are packed with vitamins, antioxidants and fiber making them great treats for your four-legged friend. Fresh or frozen, dogs love blueberries. Nevertheless, you will want to limit the amount of berries you offer your pet as too many may cause a slight digestive upset.
  • Sweet Potatoes Sweet potatoes are wonderful foods that make some of the best all natural dog treats. These yummy spuds are packed with vitamins, fiber and carotenoids, and your dog will love them cooked and diced, mashed or dehydrated. However, do not add any butter or salt to this healthy dog treat.

People Food You Should Never Give Your Dog

As stated above, there are many people foods that can be harmful and even toxic to your dog. As such, you will want to steer away from them when choosing healthy dog treats for your pet. It is essential to note that this list does not include all food items that can be harmful. Thus, if you are ever in doubt, you should ask your veterinarian.

Toxic Foods for Dogs

  • Chocolate and Coffee
  • Raisins and Grapes
  • Mushrooms
  • Onions and Garlic
  • Tomatoes
  • Avocado
  • Popcorn and Nuts
  • Alcohol
  • Raw Meat and Bones
  • Fruits with Pits
  • Learn more about Poisonous Foods for Dogs

When you are out of doggy biscuits, finding healthy  and natural dog treats for your pet may be easier than you think. There are many human food items that you can give your pet, and the items described above are just a few. Some other people foods that make great healthy   dog treats include plain yogurt, pumpkin (without the seeds), cooked eggs, cooked plain oatmeal, cooked or raw carrots, and watermelon (without the seeds).

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