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Top 5 Foods For A Healthy Dog

There is fierce competition for the top five foods for a healthy dog. Pet owners are becoming much savvier about purchasing dog food. When it comes to pet nutrition, the most important thing is to read labels. Many foods can be misleading in their advertising. Familiarizing one’s self with the basic components of a healthy pet diet is the best way to pick healthy dog foods.

Top 5 Foods For A Healthy Dog

Reading the list of ingredients on the label is the best way to discover if a dog food is actually healthy or not. Meat should be the first ingredient. Meat by-products or meals are not sufficient. Those could contain undesirable parts of the meat. For the best nutrition, meat needs to be the first ingredient on the list. It is always crucial to start dogs on new diets gradually to reduce possible digestive upsets. Go here to learn how to read pet food labels.

Healthy Brands of Dog Foods

  • Wellness is one of the best brands of dog food. They have only the finest ingredients. Many of their varieties are free of preservatives, artificial colors and dyes. They even have a line that has limited ingredients for dogs with allergies. Dogs that are allergic to wheat will be able to eat certain varieties of Wellness food. Wellness takes pet nutrition very seriously.
  • Newman’s Own Organics is another really healthy brand of food. Instead of using traditional chemicals as preservatives, Newman uses Vitamins C and E. This is a really good healthy dog food. The ingredients are almost all organic. Newman’s Own Organics is one of the very best healthy dog foods.
  • Blue Buffalo never uses any kind of poultry by-products. This brand of food is known for only using high quality ingredients. For people that take pet nutrition seriously, Blue Buffalo does not disappoint. They even have a line of foods that are natural and holistic. Their basics line comes in grain-free varieties for dogs with food sensitivities.
  • Innova makes pet nutrition a top priority. They also steer clear of artificial preservatives. Innova’s holistic nutrition is great for maintaining a balanced diet in healthy dogs. They also have very strict requirements for their meat suppliers. Only the highest quality ingredients go into Innova foods.
  • Timberwolf is another fantastic food for dogs. They are known for closely reproducing the type of diet a dog would eat in the wild. Ingredients are of incredibly high quality. A variety of natural herbs help this to be one of the more palatable foods. Timberwolf food bags are lined with foil to ensure long lasting freshness.

Choosing a healthy dog food is easy. There are many different varieties to choose from. Reading the labels can help during the decision making processes. A good diet is the most important step to having a healthy dog.