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Excessive Tear Production

Excessive Tear Production

An excessive tear production causes constant wetness and irritation, is also known as epiphora. Severe tear production is characterized by the overproduction of tears. Excessive tear production seems to have a genetic predisposition in some cats and many toy-sized dogs breeds, but it can also occur in larger dogs. When the excessive production of tears is not caused due to a genetic predisposition, it is typically caused by conjunctivitis, allergies, distichiasis, entropian, trauma, sinusitis, facial paralysis or tear duct obstructions. When you notice a continuous production of tears, it is advised to consult a veterinarian to determine the cause.

How to Recognize

If your pet has excessive tear production, you may able to see tear staining on the face (wetness or dampness under the eyes).

Causes of Excessive Tear Production

Excessive tear production may be caused by conjunctivitis, allergies, distichiasis, trauma, sinusitis, facial paralysis, an eye infection, irritation to the eye, or tear duct obstructions.


Some cats and small dog breeds are genetically predisposed to excessive tear production.

Treatment for Excessive Tear Production

Treatment varies depending on the underlying condition.

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