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Failure To Thrive In Newborns

Failure To Thrive In Newborns

Symptom is also called Fading Puppy and Kitten Syndrome, and happens when the newborns are weak and failure to suckle, cry, crawl from being uncomfortable. It is very important to protect the puppies during their first weeks, as sometimes the weaker pups are not strong enough to push bigger pups aside and get milk from the mother. It is advised to check each pup at least once a day to see how they are doing, and give the weaker pups the opportunity to drink from the mother. This can be done by putting the bigger pups in a basket to let the smaller, weaker pups drink.

How to Recognize

If your puppy or kitten doesn't interact with the rest of the litter, suckle, crawl, or gain weight, it can be a sign your newborn is failing to thrive. Other signs of Fading Puppy and Kitten Syndrome include cyanosis (a bluish tinge to the skin), weakness, crying, and diarrhea.

Causes of Failure To Thrive In Newborns

Cold weather, toxins, birth defects, and maternal neglect can cause failure to thrive in newborns. Herpes, parvovirus, and hemolytic anemia can also be the cause.


If you see your puppy or kitten exhibiting any of these symptoms, seek emergency veterinary care immediately.

Treatment for Failure To Thrive In Newborns

Treatment varies, though your veterinarian will most likely provide your pet with fluids, glucose, nutrients, and supplemental warmth.

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