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Warmth Around Eye

Warmth Around Eye

The temperature on the side of the affected eye of the pet is warmer than usual. Warmth around eyes in pets is usually due to some sort of eyelid or skin infection. It typically occurs alongside inflammation, foul-smelling skin and/or runny sores. There are many things that can cause this condition including food allergies, contact dermatitis, irritation to the eye and mange. Other things that can lead to warmth around eyes in dogs and cats are flea or tick infestation, lice, trauma and bacterial infections.

How to Recognize

Warmth around eye is a common symptom of a variety of health conditions in pets. This symptom can be the result of either a problem with the eyes or the skin. Although some of the conditions that can create this symptom are relatively minor, others can be quite difficult to treat. Warmth around eye is typically characterized by skin surrounding the eye that is warm or hot to the touch. Depending on the cause of this symptom, warmth around the eye is often accompanied by various other symptoms such as those that you will find listed below: Loss of Hair Around the Eye, Inflammation of the Skin Surrounding the Eye, Swollen Eyelids or Skin Surrounding the Eye, Watery Eyes, Discharge from the Eye, Crusty, and Scaly or Flaky Skin Around the Eyes.

Causes of Warmth Around Eye

Any type of irritation to the eye can often result in a warm-feeling of the skin surrounding the affected eye. This, in turn, can also lead to inflammation and/or infection. When left untreated, problems with the eyes can become serious and may even result in partial or complete loss of vision.


Treatment for warmth around eye depends on your vet's diagnosis. This will involve a thorough physical exam as well as an eye exam. You will also need to provide your vet with a complete medical history of your pet. Other diagnostic tests and procedures that may be necessary are as follow: Biochemistry Profile, Complete Blood Count, Urinalysis, Ocular Sample and Analysis, Skin Scraping and Analysis, Allergy Tests and Schirmer Tear Test.

Similar Symptoms

It is essential to note that there are some eye symptoms that do not occur alongside warmth around eye. Furthermore, the possible causes for these symptoms are quite different than the possible causes for warmth around the eye. You can find these symptoms listed here: Cloudy Films Covering the Eye, Squinting, Yellowing of the Eye and White Areas on the Eye.

Possible Conditions

There is a variety of health conditions that can cause warmth around eye in pets. As stated previously, while some of these conditions are somewhat minor, others can be serious, especially when left untreated. Although the list of these conditions is rather long, some of the most common issues are as follows: Mange, Flea Infestation, Dermatitis, Blepharitis, Entropian, Distichia, Ectopic Cilia, Bacterial Infections, Injuries to the Area Around the Eye, Hypothyroidism and Conjunctivitis.

Treatment for Warmth Around Eye

If your pet is experiencing warmth around eyes, the treatments that will be necessary depend on your vet's diagnosis. However, treatments may include some of the following medications and medical procedures: Oral or Topical Antibiotics, Corticosteroids, Flushing of the Affected Eye, Removal of Foreign Objects, Surgery, Flea Treatments, Mite Treatments and Anti-histamines. Warmth around eye is a general symptom that can be a sign of many different health issues in dogs and cats. While some of these issues involve the eyes, others can involve the skin. Further, some of them can become quite serious over time. As such, if your pet has developed this symptom, it is best to see a veterinarian immediately.

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