Clicker Training For Puppies

What is clicker training ? Clicker training is a method of training which uses a “click” sound. If the dog gets the “click” sound she has done something right. The clicker is a plastic box which is held in your hand with a metal tongue. When you push the metal tongue, the metal makes a sound. The clicker is a successful method of training. Each time the clicker is pushed, the pet receives a treat. The animal then associates the sound with a treat, and the click becomes a powerful language to the dog. Thinking about clicker training your puppy ? Start now!

Clicker Training For Puppies

Puppy Clicker Training Step by Step

Introducing the Clicker Puppies are much easier to train with the clicker than adult dogs and can be easily introduced to the clicker training method. To properly clicker train your puppy, you should begin by spending about thirty minutes with the puppy to teach him to associate the sound of the clicker with a treat. Once your dog correlates the sound to a treat, you can begin to teach him the behaviors you desire him to learn.

Teaching the Click and Treat Clicker training is an excellent start to your puppy’s lifestyle. Clicker training will assist the puppy in learning any behavior you would like to implement. Your puppy will then avoid behaviors which are not desirable and be attracted to those which are. An owner does not need to be trained or certified in clicker training, either. This is a method which can be used by any pet parent! Let’s start with these steps!

  • Introducing the Click to Your Puppy : To be successful in clicker training your puppy, you first need to be certain the puppy understands the click is associated with a treat. You can use a small piece of cheese, a slice of hotdog or small dog treat. The snacks should not “fill him up.” You want the puppy to keep wanting more of whatever you have.
  • Click now : Click the clicker. When the puppy recognizes the click sound in any way, give him a treat. Repeat this several times.
  • Now He Understands : Now that your puppy is associating the click with the treat, you can begin teaching desired behaviors. For example, if you are housetraining the puppy, you can begin clicking the clicker when she uses the bathroom outside. If she uses the bathroom outside, click and give her a treat. Repeat this several times. She is likely to continue the desired behavior. Do the same with other desired behaviors.

Training your puppy via clicker training can be extremely effective and is a great method to use for a new puppy in your home. The majority of reasons for getting rid of a puppy involve the inability to housetrain. The click and treat method has been proven effective when housetraining your new puppy. This type of training works on the majority of breeds and is often the method of choice among dog trainers. If you have any questions regarding clicker training for puppies, you should contact your behavior professional.

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Amber Johnson, Animal Behaviorist

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