Dilated Pupils

This symptom happens when your dog or cat\\\'s pupils are more expanded than usual, which could lead to mayor eye problems. Unusual dilated pupils can be a sign of neurological damage. Eye damage is very dangerous for a cat or dog, as it can often have a permanent effect on your pet\\\'s vision. It is advised to consult a veterinarian as soon as possible, as there is a chance your pet can go blind if not treated quickly.

Dilated Pupils

How to Recognize

Crouch to your pet\\\'s eye level and check their pupils to see if the pupils appear larger than normal. It is a good idea to routinely check your pet\\\'s pupil size.


Your veterinarian will use an Ultrasound to search for any possible trauma and an MRI or CT scan to look for a growth that could be the cause of dilated pupils.

Dilated Pupils Affects

  • Dogs
  • Cats

Similar Symptoms

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