Head Tilting

The dog or cat is holding the head to one side is a pet symptom called head tilting. If your cat or dog occasionally tilt its head, it\'s no reason to be concerned. If your pet tilt it\'s head frequently, it may be a sign of an ear injury or brain disease, in which case it is advised to consult a veterinarian.

Head Tilting

How to Recognize

Your pet\'s head may be tilted to either side. It may appear as your pet is trying to regain balance.


Vestibular disease is the most common cause. The vestibular system keeps humans\', dogs\', and cats\' balances in check. A brain disease, ear injury, or respiratory infection may also be the cause.


Your veterinarian will perform a complete physical exam, and will take a blood and urine sample.


In some severe cases, surgery and/or a hospital stay is necessary to treat the underlying condition. Hopefully, your veterinarian will be treating a lesser disease.

Head Tilting Affects

  • Dogs
  • Cats

Similar Symptoms

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