Inhalation of Food

Due to fast eating behavior a pet can inhale air along with food and liquid. The inhalation of food and liquids can cause severe damage to the lungs of your cat or dog. It is important to consults a veterinarian when you notice your pet inhaling food of liquids.

Inhalation of Food

How to Recognize

Inhalation of food means your pet eats his/her food and drinks his/her water very quickly.


Inhalation of food may be due to behavioral problems such as competition or greediness. Some medical conditions can also be the cause of the inhalation of food, such as malnutrition or parasites.


Bring your pet to the veterinarian to test him/her for a medical cause of inhaling their food. If your pet inhales food due to a behavioral problem, it can lead to more aggressive behavior in the future.


If your pet eats too quickly due to a behavioral problem, place a tennis ball in his/her bowl to try to slow them.

Inhalation of Food Affects

  • Dogs
  • Cats

Similar Symptoms

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