Limb Pain

A dog or cat can have limp pain in one leg or more legs of a pet. Limb pain in dogs and cats can occur in one leg or several legs of a pet. A dog or cat can have limp pain in all four legs as well. Limping in pets indicates pain, weakness, or a structural problem in the involved leg. Determine which limb is injured and visit your veterinarian for further diagnosis.

Limb Pain

How to Recognize

Pets experiencing limb pain may refuse to move or show decreased interest in activity, limp or drag limbs, avoid touch, yelp, or cry out. Limbs may appear swollen. Pets can have limb pain in one to all limbs.


Possible causes of limb pain include trauma, hereditary diseases, and old age.

Limb Pain Affects

  • Dogs
  • Cats

Similar Symptoms

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