Loss of Vision

The absence of vision of a pet where it existed before. Loss of vision can happen either acutely or chronically. Loss of vision in pets, also known as partial or complete blindness, is a common symptom of various conditions that can affect dogs and cats. Loss of vision can range anywhere from hazy vision to complete blindness. Some of the most common reasons dogs and cats may experience partial or complete blindness include aging, trauma, severe eye infections, strokes, diabetes, cancer, liver disease and heart problems

Loss of Vision

How to Recognize

If your pet bumps into objects/people and cannot find its bed or food bowl, your pet may be experiencing vision loss. Vision loss is often accompanied by slight discoloration or cloudiness in the eyes.


Vision Loss may be caused by old age, diabetes, trauma, retinal diseases, glaucoma, uveitis, high blood pressure, cataracts or untreated eye infections.


While cataracts can be treated with surgery , not all Vision Loss can be treated.

Loss of Vision Affects

  • Dogs
  • Cats

Similar Symptoms

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