Pale Gums

When pets are healthy, their gums should be a light pink color but if they have white pale gums and tongue it could be a symptom of a major condition. However, if the gums are pale, it is usually a symptom of various types of health issues. Typically, pale gums in dogs and cats is indicative of a lack of oxygen or loss of blood. This can be caused by many different issues including low blood sugar, anemia, flea or tick infestation, intestinal parasites, parvovirus, injuries and autoimmune diseases.

Pale Gums

How to Recognize

Pull up your pet\\\\\\\'s upper lip to expose the gums. Pale gums appear a pale pink or whitish color. Your pet\\\\\\\'s tongue may appear the same color as its gums.


The most common cause of pale gums in pets in anemia. It can also be a sign that your pet has lost blood or is bleeding internally.


Your veterinarian will take a blood sample and perform a series of blood tests.


Your pet could need a blood transfusion.

Pale Gums Affects

  • Dogs
  • Cats

Similar Symptoms

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