Pawing at the Eye

Reaction of a pet itching in the eye, when pets begin pawing at the eye or eyes could be a cause for alarm. The eyes are delicate parts of the body and can become damaged quite easily. There is a vast array of reasons that can cause dogs and cats to begin pawing at the eyes, and the most common are dust/debris, allergies, conjunctivitis and blastomycosis. However, other reasons for this behavior include ectropian/entropian, cherry eye and eyelash disorders.

Pawing at the Eye

How to Recognize

If your pet begins pawing at the eyes it can be a sign something is bothering him/her.


Your pet may be pawing at the eye due to irritation caused by dust/debris, allergies, conjunctivitis, blastomycosis, ectropian, entropian, cherry eye, and eyelash disorders.


The veterinarian will inspect your pet\'s eyes to find the cause of pawing at the eye.

Pawing at the Eye Affects

  • Dogs
  • Cats

Similar Symptoms

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