Refusal to Eat

Pet refuses to eat kibble or other hard foods is known as Refusal to eat, and it is a common symptom of many different health issues in pets. While some dogs and cats refuse to eat simply because they are picky or spoiled, refusal to eat can be indicative of such problems as food allergies, parvovirus, intestinal parasites, kidney disease, cancer, recent vaccinations and liver disease. However, motion sickness, periodontal disease and stress can cause dogs and cats to refuse food as well.

Refusal to Eat

How to Recognize

If your pet refuses to eat even when you place food in front of him/her, it is a sign there may be an underlying condition.


A loss of appetite is a common side effect to many different illnesses. If your pet is feeling anxious or afraid, he/she may experience a decreased appetite.


Seek veterinary care for your pet.

Refusal to Eat Affects

  • Dogs
  • Cats

Similar Symptoms

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