Regurgitating Food

A pet is pouring back, especially to cast up partially digested food. Regurgitating food is characterized by the expulsion of undigested food without retching. It can occur in both dogs and cats when the esophagus is blocked or lacks peristaltic activity. Food will then accumulate until the esophagus cannot hold anymore, which will cause regurgitation. Regurgitating food can be caused by such issues as megaesophagus, tumors or other blockages, stricture, or aspiration pneumonia.

Regurgitating Food

How to Recognize

Regurgitating food occurs when a pet expels partially digested content from their stomach or upper small intestine without retching. Content can be in the form of food, foreign objects, a yellowish fluid or foam.

Regurgitating Food Affects

  • Dogs
  • Cats

Similar Symptoms

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