Scooting the Hind End

This happens when dog is scooting the hind end against the floor to empty its anal sacs. Scooting the hind end is a behavior that is seen in dogs much more often than in cats. In fact, it is quite common among dogs and is usually an indication of some sort of irritation in the anal region. Some of the most common reasons that dogs may begin scooting the hind end include full or blocked anal glands, filthy skin or hair in the anal region, and various worms, especially tapeworms. Seizures occur when there is an abnormal burst of electrical activity in the brain. There are several things that can cause seizures in pets, and they can occur in both cats and dogs. Perhaps the most common cause of seizures in pets is epilepsy. However, other things that can cause seizures in dog and cats include brain tumors, injury to the brain, encephalitis, poisoning, heat stroke, liver failure and kidney failure.

Scooting the Hind End

How to Recognize

Your pet dragging his bottom on the ground is usually a sign something is irritating your pet. Scooting is much more common in dogs than in cats.


Your pet may be scooting his bottom due to irritation or inflammation. Conditions associated with scooting the hind end include worms, fecal contamination, rectal prolapse, and anal sac problems.


Your veterinarian may need a stool sample to find the cause.


Most conditions associated with scooting the hind end can be treated with medication provided by your veterinarian.

Scooting the Hind End Affects

  • Dogs

Similar Symptoms

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