Shrunken Kidneys

The kidneys of a pet are smaller than usual, if they are shrunken it\\\\\\\'s a clear sign that the pet has a kidney disease. Kidney disease can occur in both cats and dogs, especially those that are seniors. This is a progressive disease that develops slowly over a matter of years. As the kidneys begin to wear out, scar tissue will form. Eventually, pets with kidney disease will experience shrunken kidneys due to the scarring and the kidneys\\\\\\\' decreasing ability to function.

Shrunken Kidneys

How to Recognize

While it is impossible to tell if your pet\\\\\\\'s kidneys have shrunken, related symptoms include excessive thirst and urination, a decrease in appetite, weight loss, and fatigue.


Shrunken kidneys are most commonly due to kidney disease. Over the course of the disease, your pet\\\\\\\'s kidneys will gradually get smaller.


Veterinarians will perform blood and urine tests if they suspect a pet has shrunken kidneys.


If your pet has kidney disease, medication and a special diet may be required.

Shrunken Kidneys Affects

  • Dogs
  • Cats

Similar Symptoms

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