Skin Pigmentation

Increased skin pigmentation of a dog or cat with persistent infections. Skin pigmentation refers to the color of skin. In normal pets, the skin can range from light pink or white to tan or black. Some pets even have pink skin with black spots. However, when dogs and cats\' skin changes from its normal color, it can be an indication of such problems as basal cell tumors, Bowen\'s disease, alopecia and inflammation. Cushing\'s disease, mange, hypothyroidism and jaundice can change skin pigmentation in dogs and cats as well.

Skin Pigmentation

How to Recognize

Discoloration in your pet\'s skin or a change from your pet\'s normal skin color can be a sign of an underlying condition.


A change in skin pigmentation may be due to basal cell tumors, Bowen\'s disease, alopecia, Cushing\'s disease, mange, hypothyroidism, inflammation, or jaundice.

Skin Pigmentation Affects

  • Dogs
  • Cats

Similar Symptoms

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