Stunted Growth

A reduced growth rate in the development of pets or stunted growth in pets is a condition that typically affects kittens and puppies. However, it can affect adolescents as well. It is characterized by poor growth patterns in which the animals do not grow as they should. The most common reason for stunted growth in young dogs and cats is heavy roundworm infestation. Nevertheless, other intestinal worms and malnutrition can cause stunted growth as well.

Stunted Growth

How to Recognize

If your pet is not growing normally or as quickly as it should, he/she may have stunted growth. Stunted growth is most common in puppies and kittens.


The most common cause of stunted growth is a roundworms infection. Malnutrition is also a cause of stunted growth.


A fecal sample is necessary to detect if your pet has roundworms.


Treatment for roundworms is required regularly. Preventative measures should be taken to hinder future infections.

Stunted Growth Affects

  • Dogs
  • Cats

Similar Symptoms

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