Tooth Loss

A process in which one or more teeth of a pet come loose and finally fall out. While tooth loss is a normal occurrence in young puppies and kittens, when it occurs in older dogs and cats, it is typically a symptom of various health issues. Perhaps the most common cause of tooth loss in dogs and cats is periodontal disease, which occurs when there is an excessive buildup of tarter on the animals\' teeth. This can be a serious condition that can lead to abscesses and heart disease. Gingivitis and trauma can cause tooth loss as well.

Tooth Loss

How to Recognize

Your pet\'s teeth are falling out.


Gum disease, build up of tartar, Gingivitis, or trauma may be the cause of tooth loss.


It is normal for puppies and kittens to lose some of their teeth, but tooth loss in older pets is usually the sign of an underlying condition.

Tooth Loss Affects

  • Dogs
  • Cats

Similar Symptoms

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