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    Pet Insurance Iowa (IA)

    Pet Insurance Iowa

    Whether you live in Cedar Rapids or Des Moines, pet owners all over Iowa have discovered the benefit of Iowa pet insurance.

    Reasons to Consider Pet Insurance in Iowa

    Pet health insurance in Iowa is a great idea for those living in the Hawkeye State.

    Your pet needs help from you to keep warm during the winter months. Learn here how to keep pets warm and safe during the winter. So when you start preparing your home for winter, keep your pet’s comfort and safety on your list. Here are some great ideas to keep your pet from developing hypothermia during the winter: Preventing Weather-Related Hypothermia in Dogs and Cats.

    The best idea for keeping your pet warm during the winter months is to keep them indoors with you. Of course, not all pets are kept indoors. An outdoor pet should not be left outdoors without some form of shelter. When buying or constructing a dog or cat house, bigger is not always better. A smaller structure will help trap your pet’s body heat and help them stay warm. A good rule of thumb for a dog house is that your pet should be able to stand up, turn around and lie down easily.

    Other tips for Outdoor Shelters

    • Make sure that your pet’s shelter is in a place where it will get the most sunlight.
    • If possible, place it behind a barrier or structure that will protect it from the wind.
    • Elevate the structure off the ground.
    • Don’t put blankets inside the structure as they tend to trap moisture. Straw, Hardwood shavings or hay across the floor provides better insulation.
    • Dogs are particularly vulnerable to dehydration, especially in winter, so you must take steps to keep the water dish from freezing. Deep and/or dark-colored plastic dishes tend not to freeze as fast as shallow and/or light-colored metal ones.

    More About Pet Insurance in Iowa

    For more information about Iowa pet insurance visit At, you can learn more about your pet’s health in our Pet Health Center.

    Most Popular Dog Breeds in Iowa

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    18 March,2014