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How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost

The answer to this question is not a simple answer. Like most insurance, pet insurance has many factors that can make your premium higher or lower. At PetPremium, we want to offer a range of pet insurance products to fit everyone’s budget.

How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost

Pet Insurance Cost and Coverage

Here is a list of the factors that affect the pet insurance cost of PetPremium pet insurance premiums:

Species When reviewing insurance for your cat versus your dog, you will notice that our prices are cheaper for cats versus dogs.

Cat and Dog Breeds Just like species, we do rate different breeds differently. Visit our dog breeds and cat breeds library for more breed specific information. The pet insurance costs for some breeds are higher then for other breeds.

Your Location Your pet insurance premium is based on your location. When you live in New York pet insurance costs will be probably higher than when you live in Kentucky for example.

Select your Deductible At PetPremium, we allow you to select your own deductible to help customize your plan. A higher deductible will decrease your premium, while a lower deductible can increase your premium.

Co-insurance Policyholders that accept a lower co-insurance percentage will pay more out of pocket but will pay less in their annual premium. That is why we let you choose the co-insurance percentage for your plan.

PetPremium Pet Insurance Cost

So when looking at PetPremium’s pet insurance premium keep in mind the above mentioned factors. Our Pet Health Center allows you to research information on your cat’s or dog’s specific breed. Still wondering if  pet insurance is worth the cost ? You can reach out to us any time if you have any questions or get a free quote and find out how much pet insurance costs for your dog or cat!

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